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Where We Cry Many Single Tears

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Anti-Shur'tugal - Debate and Discussion
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Anti-Shur'tugal is not affiliated with this journal.

CLARIFICATION/ORIGINAL INTENT: Neither Anti-Shur'tugal nor this community is a direct attack on Paolini. Both are discussions and analyses of his books. An attack would entail slander of Paolini, not critiques of his work. Please do not confuse the two!

This is a LiveJournal fan community for the website Anti-Shur'tugal. Love Lord of the Rings? Star Wars? Dragonriders of Pern? Tired of rip-offs like Eragon? This place is for you.

  • If you enjoy the Inheritance series, you are permitted to join. Be warned that we are prone to joking but will behave ourselves if fans join, and respect them as we would anyone else.
  • Arguments should be logical. Opinions are encouraged, but please refrain from bashing fellow members. Personal attacks and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • You will not be banned merely for a difference of opinion. Intelligent discussion from both sides is permitted here.
  • Posts must be on-topic. This includes discussions of fantasy in general (whether good or bad); relevant banners, images, or icons; and debate topics (e.g. the characters or writing style of Eragon). Large images or +3 icons must be placed behind a cut. Holiday greetings are acceptable as well.
  • Be courteous to one another.
  • No flaming. Trolls will be ignored and banned.
  • Please keep in mind that each member is responsible for his/her own statements. Anti-Shur'tugal is not.

    chris_paolini - a community that contains great analyses of and essays about Inheritance.

    Sister Sites:
    Armed With Sporks - where AS members post their sporks.
    Anti-Shur'tugal Original Content, or ASOC(K) - where AS members discuss their creative writing.

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