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Grave Mercy: His Fair Assassin book 1

Oy.. listening... TRYING to listen to, I should say, this book. Cliche "speshul snowflake" with emo origins (emogins?) trains to become an assassin. Maybe, I'm 5 chapters in, and it's a slog to progress. Almost every few lines I'm pausing, groaning, and wondering if there was any research done for this series at all. Meanhwhile, Ismae, our heroine, is almost raeped by her pig farmer (really, what the hell is it with pig farmers? there were a LOT worse jobs in the 1500s... Tony Robinson's devoted an entire series to them) husband, to whom she was sold to by her abusive father, ma's dead, she's marked as ebbil, blah blah blah.

So she winds up at a convent where she learns that she's the daughter or Mortaine (or St. Mortaine, now that Ebbil Misogynist Christianity rules the land and the old pagan gods are now called "Saints") the GAWD OF DEATH. And Ismae will have her revenge on the World of Men by becoming an assassin for Mortaine. Welcome to a brainwashing cult! And all men are evil, as the book thus far, seems to stress that they kill men, and from the sounds of it, only men, 'cuz men's are ebbil raepsters.

Like I said... five chapters in, and I'm knee deep in bull$#!+. Dialog is excruciating, the first person perspective reads like an angsty drama queen's revenge fantasy journal, and anything done by the heroine seems to be at the expense of those around her. That for her to do anything sounding semi-competent, everyone else must first pick up the idiot ball for her speshulness to shine. And like I said. I'm only 5 chapters in. Beginning of the second disk. Disk 2 out of 14.

I may retreat to Alethea Kontis' clever Enchanted, as read by Katherine Kellgren, again, just to help scrub my brain of Ismae. I've been literally throwing books into the fray of this book as I try desperately to listen. The Peculiar, Death Cloud: Book 1 of the Young Sherlock Holmes, all on the Audiosync summer listening program, and I'm just wondering how the hell did Grave Mercy even make it on?
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