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Murtagh and Thorn [13 Jan 2018|08:51pm]

This is just a random thought that I'm sure other people have had before me.

Basically, Murtagh has been around Galbatorix almost his whole life.  Galbatorix has had the last three dragon eggs for longer than Murtagh has been alive.  Now I know the potential Rider has to touch the eggs to get them to hatch, but... how is it possible that for that many years, Murtagh wasn't ever exposed to Thorn's egg?  Not until after Saphira's was stolen and hatched? I thought kids were given eggs to touch as young as 10 or so, but maybe I misremember.  So it seems to me Murtagh should've been exposed early on, and Thorn ought to be considerably older than Saphira.

Food for thought, I guess.
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Star attempts to rewrite Eragon, part two: The outline [13 Jan 2018|07:40pm]

[ mood | tired ]

As snarkbotanya requested ages ago and I've been too lazy to present you all with until now.
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BattleAxe Sporking: Part Five [13 Jan 2018|09:38pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

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BattleAxe Sporking: Part Four [12 Jan 2018|11:19am]

[ mood | excited ]

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Who has the most consistent characterisation in Inheritance? [09 Jan 2018|11:40pm]

Eragon goes from naieve everyguy, to super arrogant super sociopath. Roran goes from begrudged hero that remorsefully counts his kills, to eager warrior that remorselessly counts his kills. Nasuada is rebellious teen princess in the first book and a zero tolerance dictator by the third. It's almost impressive how much these characters manage to change when they don't get any character development. I think Orrin's hit with it the hardest, having a completely different poersonality in each book. So it begs the question, who is the most consistent in your opinion? Among the major characters I think I'd give it up to Arya. She's just rather aloof throughout, up until the very end when the tells Eragon her true name. I might have considered Saphira, only her pov chapters make her look like she has special needs. Outside of the major cast, Angela seems consistent enough. Lacking in depth, but that's not really a fair critisism given the competition she has in the series.
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Brisingr Spork Chapter 40: Ascension [08 Jan 2018|09:52pm]

Hi everyone! It seems doomotter had some other things to do, so this chapter has fallen into my grabby little hands. And oh, boy, am I gonna have a fun time with this one.

First off, I’d like to frown at the chapter title a little. At first, I was going to give it credit for being concise and pertinent to what happens in the chapter, but the more I looked at it, the more I got a distinctly pretentious vibe. “Ascension” is clearly referring to Orik’s ascent to the throne, but the word itself is… somewhat loaded, shall we say. To call this coronation an “ascension” implies some kind of metaphysical transcendence, as if Orik is becoming a god rather than a king. Considering Paolini’s consistent misuse of long vocabulary words throughout the entire series, as well as the absolute fuckery to come in this chapter, I’m not going to be giving any leeway.

All things considered, “Ascent” probably would have been more appropriate.

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Next chapter is “Words of Wisdom,” which I guarantee will involve far too many words and far too little wisdom. It will be sporked by the_bishop8.
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BattleAxe Sporking: Part Three [09 Jan 2018|11:01am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

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BattleAxe Sporking: Part Two [06 Jan 2018|11:06am]

[ mood | tired ]

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BattleAxe Sporking: Part One [05 Jan 2018|11:34am]

[ mood | hungry ]

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A Fantasy World with no horses [04 Jan 2018|12:38pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey, this isn’t exactly relevant to Eragon, but I figured I could use your advice.
See, I have a fantasy world I’m writing a novel with a unique aspect. There are no horses. Period. At some later date I may add camels, but for now, everyone goes about on foot. The decision was inspired by the knowledge that so many fantasy authors treat horses like motorcycles, and not wanting to fall into that trap I removed them entirely. I figured you could still have draft animals like oxen and other things for farming.
However, I have a problem.
A war is about to happen between a Persian style Empire ruled by a benevolent demon, and their archenemy, three kingdoms roughly based off of Europe who worship said demon's nemesis.
Of course, if I’m going to have a war I have to write strategy. But there being no such thing as cavalry changes the game completely. At the moment I’m imagining something with heavy infantry, like the Roman Legionnaires or Greek Phalanxes.
Do you guys have any suggestions on how war would be waged in a world with no horses? Or do you have any musings on how the lack of horses might greatly change the world?
I'm all ears.

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Chapter Available [01 Jan 2018|12:38am]

[ mood | drunk ]

Happy new year everybody! *blows party squeaker*

doomotter has let me know that s/he is unable to take on the next chapter, Ascension. Therefore the chapter is up for grabs. First come first served!

If anyone needs a refresher, it's the chapter in which Orik is crowned, Saphira fixes the giant sapphire nobody cares about, and Paolini hilariously misuses the word species.

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What Will Happen in Eragon 4: Chapter 9 [31 Dec 2017|10:29pm]


Happy New Year! I'm celebrating the night with a delivery chicken parma, a glass or two of chilled sparkling shiraz, the house to myself for a change, and the next chapter of What Will Happen In Eragon IV. Wait, what?

Oh well, on with the show.

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The Inheritance Cycle and Evil [26 Dec 2017|07:56pm]


While I was posting my reply about the chances Eragon has of being made into a movie again by Disney, something occurred to me.

We  know that Paolini began writing his series very young, and although it  was published when he was in his 20s through 30s, I feel that his youth at the time of the original writing shows--and not just in how he pulled so much from others' work with little thought to originality.

When we're young, we are often presented with a certain vision and idea of evil that we see in children's media.  This is often greatly softened, and we first associate evil with gloomy colors and unattractive people, rather than with direct violence or murder or plans for selfish gain or unethical means of achieving an idealistic goal.  In many children's works, we are told someone is evil long before we see them commit any evil deeds.  Sounds familiar, right?

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So Disney might own the rights to Inheritance now [25 Dec 2017|01:12pm]


Disney recently bought Fox who distributed the Eragon film. Paolini doesn't know what this entials for his IP and neither do I, but it is possible the Dragon now lies in the hands of the almighty Mouse. And honestly speaking, this could be the best thing to ever happened to the series. Disney typically tends to make pretty decent movies, and commonly that's done by actually making a movie first. They simply don't care all that much about the source material. They do what they want to do. So as scary as it sounds, Disney could possibly make a decent Eragon film...they'd just have to basically throw out everything and just make use of the name to draw in an established(?) fan base. Of course Disney has just garnered a bunch of new IPs with this take over and Eragon's reputation isn't going to put it high on their list of stuff to do, but the possibility of that remake that fans have clamered for is slightly more realistic now than it was before. Albeit, Saphira might become a ridiculously cute baby dragon throughout the film and they'll try and wrap up the story in one go so the follow ups can be low budget straight to DVD sequels.
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Brisingr Spork Chapter 39: Reunion [24 Dec 2017|09:52pm]

[ mood | festive ]

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Dave Pontificates on Dragons in Warfare [24 Dec 2017|01:32am]

Inspired the Gharialguy’s post below.

So, this was originally going to be a comment and then I had so many ideas that it grew to the point where I decided to just create a post. As always, I proof-read this before I posted it, but I apologize in advance for any grammatical/spelling errors. Hopefully this is still coherent enough for you fine people to make sense of it.

Anyhow, dragons.

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Fan Whining on Reddit [24 Dec 2017|06:00pm]

Apparently the Cycle is "derogatory" and we only dislike the thing because we went in with our own "biases", among other lame excuses we've all heard a million times before. And someone is pretending Eragon actually suffers consequences for all the stupid shit he does. Hahah, it is to laugh.
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What medieval weapons would dragon riders really use? [22 Dec 2017|10:16pm]

Haven't even watched this yet, but I'm sure it mentions Eragon and the logic that they should use bows (or better yet, crossbows).
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Brisingr Spork Chapter 38: Four Strokes Upon the Drum [21 Dec 2017|05:01pm]

Hello everyone! Bishop surrendered this chapter to Epistler, who then handed it off to me so that I can refresh my brain for Chapter 5 of Consequence (and perhaps get some spitefic fodder) by jumping aboard the Sporking Train. So here we are with “Four Strokes Upon the Drum”, a chapter title which doesn’t invoke a drumbeat so much as ring a bell.

Please, Paolini, stop trying to be Tolkien.

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Next up is Epistler with “Reunion.”
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Brisingr Spork Chaopter 37: Message In A Mirror [17 Dec 2017|07:16pm]

Contrary to the chapter title, this chapter contains neither a message nor a mirror.

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